Lovin' Cooking

I'd like to sound like a professional chef who is an expert in prepairing good tasting dishes but truthfully, I’m just another home cook who found some great secrets in cooking and prepairing daily menus... It all started back when I met my first girlfriend's mom  who soon became my mother-in-law, who  is the real expert in cooking... I immitate and learned her trademark menus and now I'am the one who is cooking for my wife and my two kids...
I am currently working as an employee for a water utility company, a typical employee during working days but during nights, weekends and holidays it was all about being in the kitchen preparing a savory dish for my family... I enjoy good food... and instead of paying for expensive meals,  I tried to learn to cook these meals myself... After being inspired and tought by my mother-in-law , I decided to pursue and  train myself how to cook.

No culinary background, no formal lessons;

eating out rarely satisfies me, coz' more often than not I end up dismayed with the money spent... for we eat better food at home.

i did not attend any culinary school... i've no formal lessons... but what i do have is a great teacher... who teaches me what no other school or cookbook could give...

at the kitchen...   while preparing for a meal if you would ask my mama (mom-in-law) "ma paano 'to?" (ma, how was it cooked?) ALWAYS she'd reply with... "wala basta tina-tantiya ko lang yan" (i just estimate it until it savor) (humble isn't she?) but ...as ALWAYS it would taste GREAT.

But its really hard to find cookbooks that gives the "wala basta" (just estimate) instructions, so let me just translate them for you. Let me share 10 years of experimenting at the kitchen.

Recipe Inspirations;

I also included in this blog site, compilation of recipes that you can find at QUICKFIRE Recipes (cooking show) by Chef Mom Rose Bud Benitez and AJI-NO MOTO official website, as part of my journal and collecion of great tasting recipes.

The recipes featured in the said show inspire me more about cooking...it showcase 10-minute kitchen wonders as each menu is prepared and cooked in just 10 minutes, just perfect for busy and on the go people who would still want great tasting food...oh how I love to try and have each recipe cooked by me..

All recipes coming from the AJI-NO-MOTO site will be tagged accordingly and  will not be claimed my own ... as part of this blog site I will be featuring each recipe and tell my own exprience while preparing them.

Why Build a Blog site?

The blog  site idea came to me as I needed an outlet from the everyday stress of working in a hostile environment. I decided to build the My Recipe blogsite for the following reasons: to keep track of what I was learning and to help other home cooks who had trouble preparing and understanding recipes.

I would try my best to learn and research  more everything about any recipe and then re-write it thru this site which will serve as "my journal" for others to enjoy and learn...

My vision is to develope  my own website which can be instrumental to all food fanatics in providing cooking techniques, recipes, how-to’s, cookbooks, ingredient information, culinary school information, professional chef interviews and more... but for now thru this blogsite I hope I can share secrets of  cooking and prepairing savory food ...As I learn, I share it with you, so we learn together...LET'S COOK AND ENJOY MY RECIPE!!!