Saturday, March 12, 2011

Darlo's Asian Chicken Recipe


Chicken breast (sliced flat) 
Shrimp (peeled) 
Garlic (Roasted) 
Cream Cheese 
Springonions (Chopped) 
Salt and pepper 
Oil for deep frying 
For the breading: 
Flour (for dusting) 
Egg (beaten) 
Japanese breadcrumbs 
For the sauce: 
Hoisin sauce 
Annatto powder 
Red chili 
For the rice: 
2 cups Thai jasmine rice 
Button mushrooms (chopped) 
Sesame oil 
Five spice powder 
Oyster sauce 
Cooking Procedure:

For the chicken:

1. Flat the chicken breast and season with salt and pepper.spread generous amount of cream cheese and add some chopped roasted garlic.Season shrimp lightly with salt and pepper,place in the center of the chicken.Roll chicken and make sure its intact,or use a toothpick to secure the roll.
2.  Dust chicken in flour, then dip in egg then breadcrumbs. Deepfry in hot oilfor 4-5mins or till golden brown.Do not over cook.  

For the Sauce:

1.   Fry ginger in a little oil, add hoisin sauce, a little water. let it simmerfor 2 mins then set aside.   
For the rice:
1.   Do not wash rice.
2.   In a stockpot mix Rice,Button mushrooms,oyster sauce,sesame oil,annato powder and 2 1/2 cups water. Let it boil then simmer till rice is cooked.
3.  Add additional oil and saute rice,add 7g AJI GINISA
4.  Slice Chicken and plate it over rice.. pour over the sauce.
5.  Garnish with Spring onions and Chili annatooil.

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